Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Wild Beauty

I was walking along one day and saw a field. It was an amazing field, full of the most beautiful wild flowers I had ever seen. All colors; red, pink, blue, turquoise, yellow, green, mint, lime, orange, white, black, grey, purple, violet. Every color you could imagine. And it stretched on and on for miles and miles. Then I noticed them, stepping stones. As if they were placed there with such care. And so beautiful as well. Each a different color and shape, with a word scrolled on it. All written in the cutest handwriting. So I decided to follow the stepping stones. See where they would lead me. I walked on what seemed like a thousand stones, but it only took me a very few minutes. And what do you think awaited me at the end of my journey? The most beautiful little quaint cottage I had ever seen! And covering it on all sides were wild flowers, just like the ones in the field. And as I stood there staring at the house and its flowers, I was left to wonder, who lived here? What was the purpose of all this amazing, wild, beauty?


  1. Hi my names Helen, thanks for commenting on my blog. Thought I'd drop by, I like your writing, can't wait to read more. When your friend opens her gift, you'll have to post some pic's of your crochet and knitting. Have a good day bye xx

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I'm glad you like my writing. I will definitely shows pictures of my crocheting. I don't knit so can't show pics of that. lol You have a good day too